Cake Jokes

Q: Which boy band is made up from flour, butter, eggs and sugar?

A: Cake That!

I'll never forget the first time Mum made some rock cakes. She passed them around and told me to take my pick. I didn't need a pick, I needed a hammer and chisel.

1st person: I made a rhubarb crumble three feet long.

2nd person: Why so big.

1st person: I couldn't find any shorter rhubarb.

Did you hear about the chef who got an electric shock? He stood on a bun and a currant shot up his leg.

Mum's shortbread melts in your mouth. OK,it may take a day or two, but eventually it melts in your mouth.

Q: How many idiots does it take to make chocochip cookies?

A: 12- One to make the dough and 11 to peel the Smarties!

Person 1: I'll have a banana split made with two banana's, 3 scoops of vanilla icecream, chocolate sauce, chopped nuts and a BIG dollop of whipped cream.

Person 2: Would you like a cherry on top?

Person 1: No thanks, I'm on a diet.


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